PROTONVPN REVIEW:- Best Privacy VPN in 2020

PROTONVPN REVIEW:- Best Privacy VPN in 2020

First and foremost, it is important to understand what a VPN is.   A VPN hides the IP address of the user.  In other words, a VPN creates an encrypted tunnel.  This is between your device and the VPN company’s server.   So, this hides your traffic from being visible to others who are using the same network.

Why VPN?

Because it protects your privacy online and makes it hard for advertisers to track you down.You can even show your location to appear as somewhere distant.

To review the ProtonVPN, the free version has been used and tested.  But this does not mean that the paid subscription is expensive.  No, the prices offered are reasonable and affordable as well.   To start with, ProtonVPN is one of the best services available today based on the following review of its:


ProtonVPN lives up to its goal that it protects the privacy of its user. For this, it has the right policies in place and the support of the hardware and technology that it employs. It gives the utmost regard to the users’ privacy and protects all personal information.   This means that it does not log the user activity.  Instead, it only stores a timestamp of the last login.


When it comes to pricing, ProtonVPN stands apart from the rest.   There is a 20% discount offered for subscriptions.  This is attractive when compared with similar VPN services that offer the same services but without any discounts. A point to be noted is that the speed is not affected by the subscription you use.   However, because the Free subscription has many users and so because of that there may be a low speed.   The paid subscribers experience a higher speed because there are few users per server.


Major credit cards are accepted, and payment can even be done by PayPal.   Bitcoin payments are also accepted only when an upgrade is required from one plan to another.   The attractive thing about ProtonVPN is that they have their cryptocurrency.  So, this could increase the possibility of making payments anonymously in the future. Check protonvpn black friday deals they offer huge discounts yearly on that particular day.


ProtonVPN distribution is very widespread because it covers 51 countries.   This makes the ProtonVPN performance best.  Because the chances of finding a VPN server close to you are good and that will in turn mean more chances of spoofing the actual location.   The geographic locations are widespread from Africa, South America, India, China, Russia, and Turkey to name a few.


ProtonVPN parent company is Proton Technologies AG which has Switzerland as its base and therefore operates under Swiss law. This is another advantage when it comes to the protection of privacy.    That is not all.  Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices can easily be configured to use the ProtonVPN service. In short, ProtonVPN is a well-designed app that is very easy to use and has a load of great features. For instance, its speed and performance are noteworthy and at the same time, it is smart and flexible. Best of all, it offers free subscription at the same time has some great low-cost plans. Because of all this, ProtonVPN can be considered one of the best VPNs available today.

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