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Why Archive?

October 19, 2012 Resources No Comments

We are proud to announce that the WHY ARCHIVE? card has gone live. This project was begun with the help of the Internet Archive’s Rick Prelinger, who also wrote the initial text. Designed and edited by the Activist Archivists and members of the OWS Archive working group, the card spells out the importance of groups taking

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responsibility for the record of their activity in simple terms. Enlisting the help of communities in the process of saving their own history is vitally important, and it is hoped that this can act as an aid to making that case. These are meant to be general guidelines, and we urge prospective users to edit the content as they see fit in order to be of best use for their particular situation. While we do not require any sort of attribution, we would love to receive feedback on the ways in which the card is helping to make the argument for the importance of archiving on the community level. Click HERE to download your own copy.



ACCOUNTABILITY: Archives collect evidence that can hold those in power accountable.

ACCESSIBILITY: Archives make the rich record of our movements accessible. We can use them to ensure transparency, generate discussion, and enable direct action.

SELF-DETERMINATION: We define our own movements. We need to create and maintain our own historical record.

EDUCATION:  Today’s videos, flyers, webpages, and signs are material for tomorrow’s skill-shares, classes, and mobilizations.

CONTINUITY:  Just as past movements inspire us, new activists will learn from the experiences we document.

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