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Preservation Week 2012: ActArc Presentation Video Clips

July 1, 2012 Resources No Comments

In April, Activist Archivists participated in the American Library Association’s Preservation Week by hosting a presentation on archiving Occupy Wall Street. Many of you expressed regret that you were unable to attend, but fear not! Four of the six presentations are available at Archive.Org for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to share and share alike.

Also check out the Library of Congress blog on Preservation Week, ActArcs get a shoutout! http://blogs.loc.gov/digitalpreservation/2012/05/librarians-helping-their-communities-with-personal-digital-archiving/

“Why Archive?” / Activist Archivists (Preservation Week 2012) – Kelly Haydon

Kelly introduces the evening by presenting the “Why Archive” video, which will be available for distribution in a few weeks.  She also gives a brief talk on some of the lessons learned from working with Occupy Wall Street activists.


Embedded Technical Metadata (Preservation Week 2012) – Rufus de Rham

Technical Metadata expert, Rufus gives an overview of his research on what happens to embedded technical metadata when a video is uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo and Internet Archive.


7 Tips to Ensure You Video is Usable in the Long Term (Preservation Week 2012) – Yvonne Ng

Yvonne, archivist for Witness.Org, explains ActArcs guidelines for creating a video record that lasts.


Collecting OWS Media (Preservation Week 2012) – Dan Erdman and Marie Lascu

Dan and Marie present on the challenges institutions have had responsibly collecting OWS video.