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InformaCam, a new plugin for video activists in the works

January 29, 2012 Uncategorized No Comments

The Guardian Project, in association with WITNESS (one of ActArc’s collaborators) is currently developing a plugin for ObscuraCam, a phone application that provides video activists with the ability to redact or pixilate sensitive areas of the image (such as a person’s face). InformaCam takes the feature a step farther:

“As with ObscuraCam, the user can perform image filtering and obfuscation on image regions. InformaCam also adds the “Identify” filter, which prompts the user for the subject’s name (or pseudonym) and to fill in whether or not the subject has given his or her consent to be filmed. This checklist of subject permissions can be further developed to match the needs of any organization to provide further protection to the people in front of the camera. Notice again the sensor notifications: the context surrounding each edit to the image is recorded and will be inserted into the media as metadata once the media is saved.”