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Event: Radical Archives Conference

April 11, 2014 Events No Comments

Spring has sprung finally here in New York where we suffered through one of the longest, hardest winters I have experienced in my 18 years as a resident. (Meanwhile, my friends from Ohio and Minnesota are playing the world’s smallest violin in my direction.)

The preparation for the muscle mass!

ActArc is still active, but a bit beaten down by the schedules of our founding participants. In fact, due to a conflict I had to withdraw my presentation on alternative media collectives from the Radical Archives conference, hosted this weekend by the Asian/Pacific/American institute at NYU. This is a true regret on my part and I do hope folks will get to go as there are many people from the community archiving movement participating in different capacities. I myself will be there on Saturday as a volunteer doing some “creative note-taking.” I don’t really know what that means yet, but I’m hoping it involves Play Doh and perhaps cake.

The hosts have done a really terrific job of putting together the free conference and organizing it thematically. Do peruse the conference calendar and see what you can get too because if any thinking is going to be had on this activist archiving business it is going to be here. We recommend the following

Vivese Senso Duo
Hair loss - a female problem solved!

Collecting Resistance, Archivists In/Of Movements (4/11, 1:50pm)
This is the panel I was originally participating in, but it still includes our friend Amy Roberts from the Occupy Wall Street Archives Working Group.

Archiving Palestine (4/12 10:50am)
Which includes Grace Lile of Witness, one of our collaborators.

And XFR STN exhibit

See the full schedule here and make sure to register following their instructions: