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Events: CrawlCamp @ METRO and Workers Film and Photo League Screening @ Interference

July 11, 2013 Events No Comments

There are two hot archiving-related events coming up next week that will cost you nothing and you should go!

revitalum mind plusJuly 17th, 2013 – CrawlCamp: A free unconference about web archiving at METRO.

Comrade Anna Perricci has informed us that she will be speaking at an “unconference” (i.e., bagels!) at METRO, the best place to get a free education if you are a librarian or archivist in New York. To register and find out more, click here:  http://camps.nycdigital.org/crawlcamp/

Also speaking is Alex Thurman, her colleague at Columbia University, who will demo the Human Rights Web Archive, which WE HAD NOT HEARD OF UNTIL NOW! It is groovy, check it: http://hrwa.cul.columbia.edu/

She mentioned they will probably speak earlier in the day, so grab a bagel and get schooled.

*Photo of baby is what Kelly thinks of when she thinks of “crawling.”  Also,  it was free to use off the internet.


July 19th, 2013 – WORKERS FILM AND PHOTO LEAGUE SCREENING @ Interference Archive

Interference Archive is our favorite place in Brooklyn, that is except for ChipShop where you can get a vegetarian shepard’s pie the size of your head for $10…why not do both?

Next week, they’ll be screening films from The Workers Film and Photo League as the final installment in their “Strike Then, Strike Now” series.

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Losing weight has never been so effective!

“The Workers Film and Photo League (founded in 1930) was a cultural arm of the Workers International Relief, which gave support to workers on strike. From picket lines to nationwide marches against unemployment, anti-fascist demonstrations, and more, the League documented the social unrest that defined the Depression years.”

We continue to be in awe of IA’s commitment to showcasing alternative forms of media from all eras of America’s fraught history.

Program schedule is on their website: http://interferencearchive.org/screening-workers-film-and-photo-league/