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Home Movie Day 2014: Bronx, NY

October 18, 2014 Events No Comments

Home Movie Day is October 18th! That is today, slackers! There are Home Movie Days happening all over the world and you can find where they are at the Center for Home Movies website:

As we are partial to our own turf, we shall direct you to New York City’s only incarnation of the event, hosted by the AMIA Student Chapter at NYU. This year’s
HMD is held in the consonant-heavy borough of The Bronx, and if you grumble “oh, I live in Brooklyn, it’s too far” you are officially LAME because this ActArc from Brooklyn is certainly trekking through the dark underbelly of our public transport system with a can of Super 8mm in tow and SO CAN YOU.

Gun Hill Brewery
3227 Laconia Ave. Bronx, N.Y. 10469

Date/Time: October 18th, 2014; 1-5pm
Formats accepted: 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, VHS, MiniDV and Hi-8

Also, this Home Movie Day poster, by Allie Whalen, is the greatest thing to happen to America:


Event: Radical Archives Conference

April 11, 2014 Events No Comments

Spring has sprung finally here in New York where we suffered through one of the longest, hardest winters I have experienced in my 18 years as a resident. (Meanwhile, my friends from Ohio and Minnesota are playing the world’s smallest violin in my direction.)

ActArc is still active, but a bit beaten down by the schedules of our founding participants. In fact, due to a conflict I had to withdraw my presentation on alternative media collectives from the Radical Archives conference, hosted this weekend by the Asian/Pacific/American institute at NYU. This is a true regret on my part and I do hope folks will get to go as there are many people from the community archiving movement participating in different capacities. I myself will be there on Saturday as a volunteer doing some “creative note-taking.” I don’t really know what that means yet, but I’m hoping it involves Play Doh and perhaps cake.


The hosts have done a really terrific job of putting together the free conference and organizing it thematically. Do peruse the conference calendar and see what you can get too because if any thinking is going to be had on this activist archiving business it is going to be here. We recommend the following

Collecting Resistance, Archivists In/Of Movements (4/11, 1:50pm)
This is the panel I was originally participating in, but it still includes our friend Amy Roberts from the Occupy Wall Street Archives Working Group.

Archiving Palestine (4/12 10:50am)
Which includes Grace Lile of Witness, one of our collaborators.

And XFR STN exhibit

See the full schedule here and make sure to register following their instructions:




EVENT: Home Video Day, March 1st 2014!

February 12, 2014 Events Comments Off

The details are in, the enthusiasm is high, the volunteers are wrangled, and the day of action only two weeks away!  Read on for information on what it is and how you can participate.

What it is: 

Activist Archivists, DCTV, and Third World Newsreel have joined forces to bring you Home Video Day, the first public screening of personal media history devoted entirely to the videotape format (that we know of).

Since 2002, Home Movie Day has delighted local communities around the world, raising archival awareness through the public sharing of personal memories. Home Video Day has the same mission, only addresses specifically the unique risks and needs of the much more fragile videotape format  (the shelf life of videotape is considered to be 25 years at most). Folks are asked to bring in a few tapes from their personal collection, anything unique on either VHS or Mini-DV is welcomed, you name it: birthday parties, family vacations, student projects, media art, found footage, even that unlabeled VHS tape that was thrusted in a box twenty years ago.

What to Expect:

When you arrive you will be asked to sign a waiver form (lest your video be damaged in the process, or arrived already damaged), and led to an inspection table where a volunteer will ask you brief questions about what you know about the video and where you would like the screening to start (at the beginning is a favorite!). Unlike amateur film formats which tend to come in reels fifteen minutes long or less, video can go on for hours on a single tape. To manage the event, we ask that participants settle for a ten minute clip of their video to be shown, more or less depending on the volume of material waiting to be screened. After the screening, your video will be returned to you.

Throughout the day, special guest organizations will be giving short presentations on works from their collections. These participants include:


Asian American Oral History Collective


Third World Newsreel

XFR Collective

Activist Archivists


and more!

There will also be refreshments, a Home Video Day raffle, and volunteer media archivists on site to give you advice on preserving your memories for the long term.


March 1st, 2014


in the upstairs event space of Downtown Community Television’s Firehouse location, 87 Lafayette Street


Links and Downloads:

Official Home Video Day (DCTV)

E-Blast (DCTV)

Press Release (PDF)

Flyer (Chinese)

Facebook Page

Twitter tags: @actarc @DCTVny  #HVD14



Home Video Day is Coming! And it’s FREE

January 16, 2014 Events Comments Off

Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV), located in a historic firehouse in the heart of Chinatown, has graciously provided us access to their gorgeous upstairs event space and top-notch screening equipment. Third World Newsreel has also played an instrumental role in setting up this event. h

We have the logistics but will have an event page soon on this world premier event of Home Video Day!  Be sure to check back!

Date: Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Time:  1-6pm (ongoing)

Location: DCTV, 87 Lafayette Street NYC 10013, 3rd Floor

Directions: Take the N,R,Q,6,J,Z,A,C,E to Canal Street

This is a free event!

Update 1/31/2014: 

The presses are coming! Check out these links.





EVENT: Surveillance

October 23, 2013 Events Comments Off

Now that Home Movie Day is behind us, it is time to get a leg up on the next rung in our quest for A/V archival completeness: UNESCO’s World Day for AudioVisual Heritage. Like HMD, there are events happening all over the world this weekend, mostly hosted by well-funded institutions as a way to show off the untapped areas of their collections (check out Carnegie Hall’s blog post).

The event that piques our activist interest is a Surveillance-themed screening at the Brooklyn Historical Society (October 27th at 1pm). The program is a mix of real surveillance footage and artistic works incorporating the theme, including a world premiere of a Beryl Sokoloff film “Les Girls.” You can read more about the lineup here:

The program is free, but please register at EventBrite:


Event: Home Movie Day, October 19th 2013

October 5, 2013 Events Comments Off

Brooklyn has become the de facto, de primo, delovely locale for alternative screenings, and we are pleased to see this year’s Home Movie Day find its legs in Bushwick. HMD invites the public to bring in old 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm reels to be inspected and screened by audivisual archiving students at the mere cost of seeing your divorced parents jump through waves on their honeymoon.

The event takes place at Bat Haus from 11am-4pm on Saturday, October 19th, 2013. Unlike previous years, this incarnation will involve booze and refreshments (!!).

The organizers were interested in breaking free from the normally film-heavy format and invited Activist Archivists to set up a table with information on our own impending Home Video Day. We’ll be there with bells on, shilling information on preservation and digitization actions to take to your VHS, Hi-8, Mini-DV, and U-Matic tapes that are no doubt stored horizontally, in a plastic bag, on the bottom shelf in the basement – all the things we tell you NOT TO DO!

It is sure to be the best Home Movie Day yet! More information is on their Facebook Page:


#owswalk: Sunday September 15th | Occupy Anniversary Participatory Walking Tour

September 12, 2013 Events Comments Off


The official history of the United States is a history of purposely, systematically erasing social justice movements from our collective memory, or editing them beyond recognition. Forgotten are the labor struggles that won us Social Security and the weekend; the breadth of the civil rights movement — from bus windows smashed on Freedom Rides to Black Panthers murdered by police in their sleep — is reduced to a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr., in a corner of the nation’s capital. The intended consequence is that ordinary people won’t remember that, by organizing, they can build power for themselves and change the world. This erasure often works.

“The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting,” said Milan Kundera.



A Time for Burning: Cinema of the Civil Rights Movement @ BAM Aug 13—Aug 28, 2013

August 6, 2013 Events Comments Off

BAM has announced a series of screenings to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Screening information here.


Yuri Kochiyama: Passion for Justice @ Maysles Cinema TONIGHT!

July 11, 2013 Events Comments Off

From the Maysles Cinema calendar page:

Yuri Kochiyama: Passion for Justice
Pat Saunders and Rea Tajiri, 1994, 57 min

Yuri Kochiyama is a Japanese American woman who has lived in Harlem for more than 40 years with a long history of activism on a wide range of issues. Through extensive interviews with family and friends, archival footage, music and photographs, Yuri Kochiyama chronicles this remarkable woman’s contribution to social change through some of the most significant events of the 20th century, including the Black Liberation movement, the struggle for Puerto Rican independence, and the Japanese American Redress movement. In an era of divided communities and racial conflict, Kochiyama offers an outstanding example of an equitable and compassionate multiculturalist vision.

Following the film will be a panel discussion on the legacy of Kochiyama for API activism and organizing today.

Suggested donation: $10. All proceeds will go towards supporting CAAAV programs.
Please make sure to write “Yuri Kochiyama screening” in the “designate the program for your donation” field


Events: CrawlCamp @ METRO and Workers Film and Photo League Screening @ Interference

July 11, 2013 Events Comments Off

There are two hot archiving-related events coming up next week that will cost you nothing and you should go!

July 17th, 2013 – CrawlCamp: A free unconference about web archiving at METRO.

Comrade Anna Perricci has informed us that she will be speaking at an “unconference” (i.e., bagels!) at METRO, the best place to get a free education if you are a librarian or archivist in New York. To register and find out more, click here:

Also speaking is Alex Thurman, her colleague at Columbia University, who will demo the Human Rights Web Archive, which WE HAD NOT HEARD OF UNTIL NOW! It is groovy, check it:

She mentioned they will probably speak earlier in the day, so grab a bagel and get schooled.

*Photo of baby is what Kelly thinks of when she thinks of “crawling.”  Also,  it was free to use off the internet.


July 19th, 2013 – WORKERS FILM AND PHOTO LEAGUE SCREENING @ Interference Archive

Interference Archive is our favorite place in Brooklyn, that is except for ChipShop where you can get a vegetarian shepard’s pie the size of your head for $10…why not do both?

Next week, they’ll be screening films from The Workers Film and Photo League as the final installment in their “Strike Then, Strike Now” series.

“The Workers Film and Photo League (founded in 1930) was a cultural arm of the Workers International Relief, which gave support to workers on strike. From picket lines to nationwide marches against unemployment, anti-fascist demonstrations, and more, the League documented the social unrest that defined the Depression years.”

We continue to be in awe of IA’s commitment to showcasing alternative forms of media from all eras of America’s fraught history.

Program schedule is on their website:




Reading: “Riot Grrrl Collection” at Bluestockings bookstore!

June 18, 2013 Events Comments Off




Tuesday, June 18th @ 7PM – Free

Reading: Lisa Darms “Riot Grrrl Collection”

With Johanna Fateman, Ramdasha Bikceem, & Molly Neuman  and Kathleen Hannah


Join Riot Grrrl Collection archivist and editor Lisa Darms, and contributors Johanna Fateman and Kathleen Hanna to discuss zine making, collecting, and the riot grrrl legacy.Before Tumblr and Twitter, before desktop publishing, punk girls fueled the revolution with scissors and glue and photocopiers. Girls gathered in rooms across the country to bond over music, to refuse to be labeled, to be angry and lustful and smart. Self-published zines, posters, and handmade flyers articulated the aesthetic and politics of the exciting movement of the 90s. They are art objects, manifestos, love letters—stunning pre-digital and handmade delcarations grounded in feminism, and inspired by music. Lisa Darms, an archivist at the Fales Library at New York University and former riot grrrl, decided to build a collection to preserve this moment in history. With donations from Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman, Tammy Rae Carland, Darms began the collection which now includes a wealth of material donated from riot grrrls all over the country.


Workshop May 2 with Ellen Gruber Garvey ‘Writing With Scissors: Scrapbooks As Archive And Activism’

May 1, 2013 Events Comments Off

Professor of English and Women’s and Gender Studies at New Jersey City University, Ellen Gruber Garvey, will be leading a workshop based on her new book Writing With Scissors: American Scrapbooks from the Civil War to the Harlem Renaissance.

The workshop Writing With Scissors: Scrapbooks as Archive & Activism is Thursday May 2, 6:00 – 8:00 PM at 19 University Place, Room 222. FREE and open to the public + refreshments!

Join us!


REMINDER: Third World Newsreel 2013 Spring Evening Workshop with Activist Archivists THURSDAY!

April 24, 2013 Events Comments Off

Tomorrow evening, Thursday April 25, please join us at Keeping your Films and Original tapes/Files – How are you going to Save them?, the second in what we hope will be an ongoing series of workshops for Third World Newsreel.

ActArcs member Rufus de Rham will be leading a workshop on considerations for filmmakers and videomakers of all levels in regard to media storage practices. The workshop will be held at 6:30 PM at El Barrio Firehouse Community Center and is FREE.


Activism in the U.S. Exhibition

April 20, 2013 Events Comments Off

The Digital Public Library of America is exhibiting the United States’ history of activists seeking social, political, economic, and other changes. The exhibit, Activism in the U.S. is organized by themes (i.e. Civil Rights Actions, Women’s Activism). Check it out.



REMINDER: We’re All Videofreex!

April 3, 2013 Events Comments Off

Reminder that the Videofreex Symposium at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) is this Friday, April 5 from 4-9 pm. Free and open to the public!


Third World Newsreel 2013 Spring Evening Workshop with Activist Archivists

March 28, 2013 Events Comments Off

Keeping your Films and Original tapes/Files – How are you going to Save them? is the second in what we hope will be an ongoing series of workshops for Third World Newsreel. ActArcs member Rufus de Rham will be leading a workshop on considerations for filmmakers and videomakers of all levels in regard to media storage practices. The workshop will be held on Thursday, April 25th at 6:30 PM at El Barrio Firehouse Community Center and is FREE.

Come one, come all.


Last Call for The Center For Book Arts Exhibit: Brother, Can You Spare a Stack

March 28, 2013 Events Comments Off

Pardon us for not sharing this sooner, but for those not already in the know these are the last few days to check out Brother, Can You Spare a Stack which presents thirteen art projects that re-imagine the library as a force for social change! The exhibit ends Saturday, March 30.


Archivo 15M Exhibition @ Bluestockings

February 18, 2013 Events Comments Off

Only 10 days left to view the Archivo 15 exhibit at the Bluestockings Bookstore in New York City. More details on their website:

15M Exhibition in NYC
On Display at Bluestockings January 9th – February 28th
Prints, art, and materials from the Archivo 15M in Madrid will be exhibited at Bluestockings from Jan 9th thru Feb 15th. The show was prepared by the caretakers of the archive of the 15M encampment in the square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid. This camp sparked the 15th of May movement throughout Spain, the strongest European echo of the Arab Spring, and the forerunner of the Occupy Movement.

On February 23rd, there will be a discussion @4pm on “The 15M Movement,” an activist movement that has changed the political landscape in Spain.


April 5th, 2013 @ SVA: We’re All Videofreex Symposium

February 7, 2013 Events Comments Off

ActArcs could not be more excited about this all-day symposium of former Videofreex members, the New York City-based collective that started in 1969 and used some of the first portable video systems available on the market to form an independent media outfit. Their work is currently archived by Video Databank, with duplicate VHS copies stored at Interference.

The event will be held at the SVA theatre on 333 West 23rd Street. It is free and open to the public:


New York Archives Week 2012 Symposium: Archives and Activism

October 8, 2012 Events Comments Off

It’s Archives Week, y’all! And this Friday, October 12th, Marie Lascu and Dan Erdman will present Case Study: Year One with the Activist Archivists for the “Archives and Activism” conference hosted by the Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York (A.R.T.).  Click HERE to view the full program of the all-day event.

Registration appears to be full at this time, but interested individuals should follow-up with the conference organizers in case of cancellations: